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Thank you for your interest in supporting Sophomore Connection! Sophomore Connection is paid for solely by donations made to FOJ from parents and guardians. Through your generous donations FOJ will be able to provide this experience to all rising sophomores -- regardless of their ability to pay.



Many employers offer matching grants. If you plan to request a matching donation from your employer, please let us know who they are.


If you don't already have an FOJLogin account, you can set one up now.

Thank you for supporting Sophomore Connection!


The funds that FOJ raises do not go directly to JCP and are not for the direct benefit of the school.  FOJ uses the funds it raises to provide grants at its sole discretion in response to proposals from JCP students, student organizations, and other JCP-related constituents to enrich the JCP attendance experience.  The funds FOJ raises do not belong to JCP and are not controlled by the school.

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